Emotions blend into exotic oils and trickle down generations to form an elixir simmering with the earthy scent of sacred tradition. Therapeutic in its every element, this is a healer for the hair as it is for the heart. When nourishment melds with nostalgia and Ayurveda in a constellation of elegantly crafted oils – the stories to tell are endless.



Mind-invigorating mantras mingle with the winds carrying a message of the sweet marriage of science and the chants of the sages. The fury of flutes whistle in the folds of her hair as every strand seethes with the scent of garlands and goodness – like the gifts of Vrindavan in bloom.

As a hundred devotees unravel the knots of nature, they twirl her strands in a beautiful braid intertwining the old with the new for eternity – contemporary care with intoxicating culture, the resilience of her roots with hearty hymns of headway, all encompassing love with light with life.

She lays down in the lap of the Kalpavriksha, her eyes brimming with love – her only wish that you run your hands through her hair and grow together on this journey called life.



Eonsago, by the wisdom of the scriptures and under witness of the stars, the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna gave rise to an immortal tree of life – roots entrenched deep down and branches soaring to the Samsära sky.

Beneath this tree of blessings, the incarnation of Ayurveda pursued the rebirth of boundless beauty.
SOVA nestles into the liberating shelter in the leaves of this tree – breeding new life into all the wisdom that is wasted and the wonder which is withered.

“I’m here to heal you with nature” she says – mind, body and soul. Give me your hand and heart, let me turn them into gold.



Her shy smile welcomes the romantic ritual of Shringar. She sees the dreams of all the women of the world in the radiating reflection of her own eyes. Of all the jewels under the star-struck sky, she knows but that no adornment is as precious and divine as her own beaming beauty.

This hide and seek between light and a legacy of lust, the harmony of grace and goodness illuminates her like the sun and the moon.

She is the empress of hearts – her skin her armour, her confidence her light.

She is the empress of hearts – her skin her armour, her love her light.



Her generous hands extend the tender gifts of Ojas, Prana and Tejus – the three binding elements of the universe without which no tradition is replete.

With songs of celebration, the earth turns to heaven and its sacred trees and sweet-scented flowers emanate the fragrance of festivities.