Neem Leaf Oil

Neem Leaf Oil



Neem leaf oil contains active ingredient nimbidin. Nimbidin has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that treat dermatitis, psoriasis, or other scalp irritation.


Potent antioxidants, neem leaf oil protects the scalp skin from damage caused by the free radicals.

Boost hair growth

Neem leaf oil has regenerative properties that support healthy cell division and stimulate hair follicle growth and function.

Nourishing and conditioning

Neem leaf oil contains several fatty acids – such as linoleic, oleic, stearic acids which nourish and condition the scalp and hair. Its moisturizing effects revitalizes and restores dry, under-nourished or rough hair to a smooth, silky texture.


Scalp saviour, with its immense healing properties (anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties) neem leaf oil keeps the scalp in good health.

Balance sebum production

Neem leaf oil regulates the secretion of sebum (scalp’s natural oil) and also work to normalize oily or dry scalp conditions.