Sova Woman


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Beauty Inside Out

You are the SOVA woman because you care about what you use. 

You are today’s uncompromising SOVA woman because you want to look and feel beautiful without hurting the environment. Because you want an unparalleled brand with a conscience.

Because you understand that natural ingredients go hand in hand with modern science to heal, nourish and protect your hair and skin.

A girl with her eyes closed with sun rising in the back

You are the SOVA woman because making conscious decisions matter to you. 

With compassion in your eyes and resilience in each step, you are the SOVA woman who nurtures herself, inside out.

“Come join in the beautiful tradition of  shringar.
Adorn your body like a temple.
Anoint it with  
nourishing oils and soothing balms.
Purify it with waters healed by herbs and roots.
Offer it the sweetest of  fragrances.
Now it is ready for the  
goddess within, to shine.”
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